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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Book Review - KISSING SANTA by June Foster

Our little series, Sweetland Christmas Reflections is taking a look at past Christmas memories of some of our main characters in previous Sweetland books. Hailey Flannery will later become a nurse and move to Sweetland, but in this fond memory she's a teenager living in Harrisonville.

Hailey has a crush on a really cute guy in her algebra class, Brett Sanford, who's a real whiz with math. She wishes she had the courage to ask him to tutor her.

Brett's also a pretty nice guy, except he seems to have two personalities. Hailey just doesn't know which guy is going to appear--the one who is generous and kind and would do anything for anyone or the one who is grouchy and mean-spirited.

She wants to ask him if he'll be the Santa for the Christmas Dance, but she's a little worried. What if he shows up there in one of those bad moods?

This is a goody, June. Folks, this short story is available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble in e-book format for only 99 cents.


  1. Anne, thanks so much for the review on Kissing Santa. You make me want to read my own story! (smile)


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